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Extract from Dr Rachel-Rose Burrell MSc, BSc:  When Choice and Purpose Collide is an essential read for anyone feeling trapped by life. This book will inspire, motivate, and facilitate change to the person ready to make better life choices and step into their God given purpose. A must read for Bible believing Christians seeking more.Fluently and engagingly written using a wide range of references and based on biblical principles, this book speaks to the whole person. Delivered with great skill Simone Olagoke gives us a powerful, practical, and informative guidebook for a fulfilled and focussed life.Chapter one gives us a necessary introduction into what choice and purpose really are, afforded to all regardless of ones background. Sharing her personal stories in chapter 2 provides invaluable insight into her personal journey; whatever your start or circumstances in life there is hope. The author explores the various ways we are trapped in life by labels, attitudes and lifestyle, but the author presents a ‘can do’ approach and coaches the reader out of their cave and captivity through encouragement, scripture and prayer.The ‘restoration of the will’ is a profound statement in chapter 9, challenging the reader to make necessary life changes in order to move forward. But Simone emphasises the importance of personal responsibility, effort, and the right attitude, if one is to succeed. 


When Choice and Purpose Collide

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  • Paperback.

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